What is behavioral research?

Many people think first of drug (or vaccine) studies as the only type of clinical trial. But clinical trials are any research studies performed in people that are aimed at evaluating a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention.

Most of what we do in the Cuevas Lab involves examinations of how cognitive changes effect diabetes self-management and how glucose levels effect cognitive function. To do this we our projects include surveys and interviews with people with diabetes and/or cognitive problems. In our main study, the Memory, Attention, and Problem-Solving Skills for Diabetes (MAPSS-DM), participants will learn skills to boost cognitive function and we’ll measure how they put those skills into practice in their everyday life and if those changes improve their blood sugar.

So while we’re conducting a clinical trial, we’re not testing a drug. And although we’re using a device (continuous glucose monitors), we’re not testing to see how well it works –we’re using it to see how blood sugar levels change immediately after the MAPSS-DM intervention is over and then again three months later.

If you want to learn more about behavioral research, you can watch the short clip from The U.S Department of Health and Human Services below or click the Contact tab! We’re happy to answer any questions!